Shadowthrone was founded in 1999 by its creative head, Christopher Schnell. As first it was a solo-project, with all instruments played by the same person. In just a few months, 4 songs were written and, with an intro and an outro, recorded for the first Shadowthrone Demo CD. This album was titled "Foraii - Demon 21" (some persons had difficulties with the doulble "i" and called it "Forall") and released in August 2000 as CD-R with a full colored cover which was drawn by Emmanuel Henné. All guitars, keyboards an programmings were done by Christopher, the bass and vocals were performed by Thomas Keller with a broken rib (which made the screams a real agony), who, at this time, also played in the band Certamen.

After that release, it took a very long time, until all songs for the second CD were written and recorded. In fact it took about 5 years. The lyrical concept of Shadowthrone changed quite a bit and no longer fantasy-stories about death and evil were used, but only and exclusive poems written by E.A. Poe. In several sessions, the guitars, keyboards and drums were recorded. Christian Kaspari played the grand piano on several songs and Thomas once again played bass and did some supporting screams for Durin (also of Certamen) who did the vocals. Overall, 8 songs with lyrics of Poe were recorded and a cover version of "Those were the Days" (perhaps known by the Leningrad Cowboys). The last recording session was in October 2006. To support the lyrical concept, the cover was taken from the famous illustrations that Gustave Doré made for the poem "The Raven". The record "Quoth The Raven Nevermore" was released in the first half of 2007.

After a long, long sleep, Shadowthrone returns on all relevant digital music platforms and re-releases the albums there.